BIMAL handed 11th donation to kindergarten “Naša djeca”

Brčko, 12.09.2019 – The Company BIMAL has realized the traditional annual, 11th donation to the Public Institution “Naša djeca” in Brčko and thus turned the attention to importance of proper support for children, and educational institutions. Listening to the needs of the kindergarten, BIMAL handed a donation in form of a passenger van which shall serve for transport of children.

“Investments in children is an investment in the future, and we have an opportunity to take part in growing up the children in our local community, and having a positive effect on the contents of their stay in the kindergarten represents a greatest success for us” said Ilija Studen, President of the STUDEN Group Management.

The donation to the kindergarten “Naša djeca” represents a strategic commitment of the business group which in this decisions sees the responsibility towards its 600 employees and the local community where the most renowned Agro-industrial complex in the country is located, which besides the Edible oil factory BIMAL also includes STUDEN-AGRANA Sugar Refinery and MINGOS coffee.

The constant work on improvement of business relies also on support to the youngest members of the business group, so besides the regular donations to the local kindergarten, there is also a system of benefits for the employees who become parents.

“In order to promote the importance of family and family values our business group has recognized an opportunity to send a message together with the employees that the desirable employer means to stand by the families of your employees” said Ilija Studen, and invited also other companies in BiH to follow the example from Brčko.

With the donations it made so far to the kindergartens in PI “Naša djeca”, BIMAL has significantly improved the contents of the game adjusted to fun and learning, development of motor functions, and directing the children whose special affinities and talents were recognized at youngest age.