BIMAL OMEGA is domestic NON GMO must have product in the category of edible oils

Sarajevo, 26.11.2019 – At the third In Store election of the “must have” products in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the edible oil of the Brčko’s factory BIMAL, BIMAL OMEGA, was pronounced as the part of the mandatory retail range of products. At the event on the occasion of promotion of the 100 “must have” products, the prestigious awards were awarded to the company with their products on this list.

„BIMAL OMEGA is the “must have” product in the category of edible oils in 2020, and this confirms the strength and recognition of our products. Additional importance of this award is its moment, since high quality BIMAL products from this year bear the “NON GMO” mark and thus our OMEGA is “must have” NON GMO domestic product in every retail store, and we are certain also in every kitchen” said Nataša Pucar, Director of Corporate Communications of the STUDEN Group.

As oil with valuable ingredients for the organism, BIMAL OMEGA is rich in unsaturated omega-3 fatty acid and vitamin E, and thanks to its recipe this oil contributes to maintaining of the normal cholesterol level in the blood. The new product of the BIMAL Company bears the “NON GMO” mark which guarantees the special quality of BIMAL OMEGA oil because the control is being conducted from the field to the table and this confirms that nowhere in the entire production process there were any genetically modified raw materials.

The project “Must have 100” is one of the most important events for FMCG companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and its importance reflects in the fact that retailers from the In Store database with 7,000 addresses of all retail profiles select brands which in their opinion they have to have on their shelves.