Day of oilseeds in Brcko

Brčko, March 03, 2020 – In organization of the Institute of agricultural development and promotion – IRUP Brčko and BIMAL Company, a Day of oilseeds took place with the subject “Recognition, development and maintaining of the production of oilseeds in BiH”. Thanks to the organizers, agriculture producers also this year had an opportunity to meet in one place and talk to the representatives of the relevant institutions and professional bodies about current trends and situation in the agricultural production.

“The strength and growth of the domestic agricultural production implies also the strengthening of our agricultural sector, and without even development of both sides we can’t talk about quality food production of the domestic producers, where the role of the agriculture is essential for success of the food industry in BiH. The BIMAL Company had the pleasure to invest in increase of oilseeds production year after year, and as a reliable purchaser it always gives advantage to domestic producers”, said the President of the Management of STUDEN Group and General Director of the BIMAL Company Mr. Ilija Studen.

The agriculture producers agree that the production is dependent on many factors, and that the possibility of predicting the ratio between investments and earnings is very important. Incentives, machinery, soil quality and weather affect the competitiveness of the production, and agricultural policy, besides the guaranteed buyoff are additional incentives for the domestic farmers.

The relevant Ministries of the Republic of Srpska and Federation of BiH have pointed out that in this year they have managed to increase the budgets for agriculture incentives. The Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the RS, Boris Pašalić, said that the agriculture budget of the Republic of Srpska of BAM 75 million is biggest highest in lat ten years, while the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry of the Federation BiH presented the program of incentives for agriculture in FBiH of BAM 87 million, which is a record amount by now, and out of that for plants production the amount of BAM 12 million is planned.

Head of Department of Agriculture of the Brčko Distirct, Perica Burgić, agreed that the incentives are important for our farmers, and for 2020 in Brčko District they amount to BAM 9.6 million.

The conclusion of the panel which was held was that institutional connecting is the base for increase of agricultural production and quality of raw materials, where the cooperation and maximum engagement of all competent institutions are necessary in order to have an increase in the agricultural production.