Five gold medals and Champions Cup for BIMAL

Brčko, April 20, 2017 – The jury of the Novi Sad Fair awarded BIMAL’s oil with five gold medals and Champions Cup

BIMAL edible oil once again proved to be the leader in quality of edible oils, and the jury of the Novi Sad Fair also this year warded five gold medals to BIMAL. On the 84th International Agriculture Fair in Novi Sad and company BIMAL from Brčko was awarded with the Champions Cup for the high quality of sunflower edible oil and extra virgin olive oil.

“Our constant investments in products quality is a precondition for success and recognition of the BIMAL brand, and confirmation of our work are the numerous awards and recognitions awarded to us by eminent experts and academic public. The efforts we are making for the consumers of our oil to always use quality and safe product are primary in our operations. Therefore, we in BIMAL have accomplished that we have a quality product which on one side meets all production standards in the country, and on the other side it meets the systems of quality and production of the foreign markets where we do the exports” said Nataša Pucar, Director of corporate communications of the STUDEN Holding, within which the Edible oil factory BIMAL is a operating and is a part of it.

In order to meet its goals, BIMAL has implemented the quality system in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001:2008, HACCP, International Food Standard (IFS) and ISCC, and by documenting and certifying Kosher and Halal certificates, it adjusted to the need of the market. As the company which offers its buyers high quality products, BIMAL is the member of the Dunav Soja Associatrion and it supports the production of non-GMO soybeans.

Since 2002, when it became the member of the STUDEN Holding, Edible oil factory BIMAL increased its production capacities, and with improvement of the plant, BIMAL has by the present day increased the capacities by five times for processing of oilseeds from 26,000 tons per year to the present 120,000 tons of processed seeds.