5 reasons why we should eat cabbage

One hundred grams of fresh cabbage contains about 40 mg of vitamin C, which is half the daily recommended dose. The medicinal properties of cabbage are huge, so its consumption is recommended throughout the year, and especially during the winter.


Cabbage is good for the immune system

In addition to vitamin C, cabbage also contains significant amounts of beta-carotene, as well as calcium, iron and magnesium minerals. Cabbage is most healing when raw, but also when sour. It loses its healthy properties with prolonged heat treatment.


It is beneficial for digestion and weight loss

As much as 92.5 percent of cabbage is made from water, so it is not surprising that these vegetables are considered dietary foods. In addition, it slows the conversion of sugars and other carbohydrates into fats. Since it also has a high percentage of cellulose, it stimulates digestion and reduces bloating.


Protects the airways

According to some studies, cabbage juice is an effective remedy for lung diseases, and its consumption can help reduce sore throat. Cabbage helps clear the airways of bronchitis or asthma.


It preserves stomach health

Cabbage is a food containing sulforaphane. It is an organic compound that keeps the digestive tract from returning gastric acid to the esophagus. In addition, it is said to help eliminate H. pylori.


It has a positive effect on inflammatory processes

These herbaceous vegetables have strong anti-inflammatory properties, and cabbage wraps are a common recommendation for various types of diseases. Cabbage disinfects, soothes burns, eczema and acne, relieves swelling and frostbite, as well as migraines. On top of that, it improves concentration while having a positive effect on mood.