Italian risotto for the whole family

In the summer, meals should be easy, and again, it has to satisfy the nutritional needs for the whole family. In order to make a tasty and balanced meal, while satisfying the taste of all family members, we suggest preparing risotto in the way they do in Italy.

300 g of crabs (or chicken meat)
200 g of cleaned mushrooms
a few pieces of dried tomatoes (or fresh tomatoes)
smaller onion
2 spoons of BIMAL OMEGA oil
2 dl of white wine
7 dl of broth
300 g of rice
100 g of parmesan
salt and pepper
fresh basil
fresh asparagus (or paprika)

On BIMAL OMEGA oil, fry the onions and add the crabs. Fry for a while until it is golden brown and than add the mushrooms. When all the water evaporates, add the rice and leave it for a while to cook. After five minutes, pour the wine and broth over it. Leave it to cook with occasional stirrong until you get a creamy mass. If it is too thick, add some water or broth. Finally add chopped dried tomatoes, asparagus and seasoning. Leave a few more minutes, then remove from the heat and finally add fresh spices and parmesan.