Tips for basic marinade preparation

Marinades are a mixture of different types of oils and acid with the addition of spices. The aim of marinades are to partially soften and give a spicy flavor to the meat. The meat for roasting or grilling should be put in the marinade approximately three hours before preparing it. It can be kept even longer in the marinade, up to two days, but in that case avoid adding a larger amount of salt because salt tends to extract moisture from the meat. This could result in dry and “woody” meat when roasting.

Basic marinade for meat

Ingredients for the marinade:
1 dl of BIMAL sunflower oil
1 dl of apple vinegar
½ teaspoon of salt
fresh ground pepper
3-4 cloves of fried garlic

How to make a basic marinade for meat

First fry the garlic, add salt and pepper, and then mix well with a teaspoon of BIMAL oil and apple vinegar. When the mixture is done add the remaining amount of BIMAL oil and vinegar, and rub the meat well on all sides. This marinade is suitable for all types of meat, as well as for the fish.